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5 Gallons - Coverage: 8.0 Acres


PGE Tech RED (5 Gallons)
Coverage: 8.0 Acres
Shipping Included

This is our eco-friendly pesticide with zero toxicity to the farmer, their end product and their lands. Try out a gallon today and see for yourself the benefits:

- Covers 8.0  Acres of Land

- Eco-Friendly with Zero Toxicitiy
- Less than 1% Runoff With The Combination Of Our 74 Natural Elements, Structured Water and Ion Bonding.

- Forces 99% Nutrient Acceptance on a Cellular Level
- Replenishes The Soil
- 10-12% Faster Grow Rate, 10-20% Greater Yield and Increased Root Size
- No Added Pesticides

  • Formula for Dilution Is The Following:

    1 Gallon PGE Tech Red to 16 Gallons of Water (Distilled Preferred)