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Actual Results May Vary

This Hops plant is starting its third year of maturity. The first year this plant only received WATER, SUN AND GROUND NUTRIENTS. In late August of 2014, the grower began to feed the plant runoff from a grow operation using PGE Tech Red. This was the plants second year. Once he started feeding the plant with PGE Tech Red it started to grow up to two feet per day. He fed this Hops plant every week until harvest. This photo is from the third year. He believes he fed the plant five times last fall.   

Hops    &    Barley

We welcome different operations of any size, from a small nursery to larger growers with thousands of acres. No two growing situations are identical.  
Factors that affect the growing include


  1. What are you growing?

  2. Where are you growing (longitude / latitude)?

  3. Are you growing outside or inside or in a greenhouse?

  4. What type of water is being used? (often a sample for analysis makes sense)

  5. What is the current method of growing – what products do you use, how often, how are the current growth products applied, etc.?

While this can be accomplished electronically, working directly telephonically (1.877.743.4769) or in person where practicable makes the most sense.