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PGE Tech provides cost efficient "healthy" alternatives to traditional approaches utilized in the agricultural and energy industries. We are niche focused and change the way the world grows in abundance and sees the world in a different light. By providing "GREEN" solutions with our mineral based nutrient, or retro-fitting buildings to substantially improve energy efficiency for our clients, PGE Tech is growing relationships every day.




We reduce your carbon foot print and dramatically lower your energy costs using a unique, tested platform to deliver the latest technology for the absolute minimal out of pocket expense.



We provide a superior, all natural nutrient for plants of any type. There are no harmful pesticides, herbicides or chemicals in our product. Instead, it is a naturally occurring blend of multiple ingredients. 

All of our product lines have been validated by third parties, from audit firms to the University of Florida Industrial Food and Agricultural Sciences.

PGE Tech is constantly sourcing new concepts and products to compliment our offerings. Please contact us today to learn more about our existing products and services, or if you have a “new” idea for us to grow!

Let us help you SEE THE LIGHT and GROW YOUR WORLD!

Call Us: 877-PGE-GROW (877-743-4769)