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We tested PGE Tech Red on several of our tee boxes that hadn't recovered from over seeding transition. We had been applying standard practices but with no success. This product brought our grass back in a matter of SIX WEEKS! Even with the daily volume of golfers walking and playing on the tee boxes, they still look great and turf coverage is full.

Chuck Eade
General Manager

Heritage Pines Country Club
Hudson, FL


Actual Results May Vary
Actual Results May Vary
Actual Results May Vary

We welcome different operations of any size, from a small nursery to larger growers with thousands of acres. No two growing situations are identical.  
Factors that affect the growing include


  1. What are you growing?

  2. Where are you growing (longitude / latitude)?

  3. Are you growing outside or inside or in a greenhouse?

  4. What type of water is being used? (often a sample for analysis makes sense)

  5. What is the current method of growing – what products do you use, how often, how are the current growth products applied, etc.?

While this can be accomplished electronically, working directly telephonically (1.877.743.4769) or in person where practicable makes the most sense.


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