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PGE Tech offers a natural eco-friendly pesticide with zero toxicity to the farmer, their end product and lands. Our products reduce runoff with the combination of our 74 natural elements, structured water, and ion bonding. Our products adhere to the plant which forces a 99% nutrient acceptance on a cellular level. Our product replenishes the soil and aligns itself with the soil to help replace needed nutrients back to the Earth which leads to less fallow time.

Take your crops to the next level with a faster grow rate, greater yield and increased overall root size. We are able to give the grower the best benefits naturally. Our formula has no added pesticides with a combination of natural products which can be used to diminish harmful pests in your crops. It also lowers the freezing point, so we can save the grower time and money during cold seasons.

We are cost-effective in lieu to chemical fertilizers on the market and our liquid product can run through a standard irrigation system for easy application.

You can count on us to follow up with you to discuss your situation. Once you have the right direction for your needs, you can order our product on auto-ship or as needed.

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